Our Process

We want buying a home or refinancing to be as seamless and intuitive as possible, and to achieve that our dedicated team is always available to take your call.


Tell us who you are

During the preliminary appointment, we will assess your affordability, discuss your loan structure and explain the process of purchasing a property in detail. Simply explain your situation and we’ll help plan your next steps.


We’ll help you organise your documents

We will review the thousands of products available from the banks and other lenders and find the right one for you. As well as finding you the sharpest rates, we know the lender’s differing policies and how they apply to your situation.


Find the right loan

Get assistance with your preparation for pre-approval. We’ll help you collect documents, prepare forms for you to sign, and lodge with the lender. We’ll also keep you updated by e-mail/SMS throughout the entire process so that you can make informed decisions and have peace of mind.


Find the right property

During your search for property, we offer complimentary “RP Data” reports. You don’t just want to find a property, you want to find the right property. RP Data reports tell you the history of a property, not just the past few years.


Celebrate your settlement

Once you find a property we liaise with your solicitor or conveyancer, order the valuation, obtain unconditional loan approval, assist with loan documentation and ensure a smooth settlement. Settlement should be exciting and a relief, that’s why we handle the stressful parts for you. 


A lifelong partnership

We believe in partnerships for life, not just one-off transactions. We will help renegotiate your loan when it is up for review and can assist with making future investment decisions. In particular, we can help you use the equity of your new property to buy other properties in the future.